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How to monetize edu traffic with Edugram CPA Network
Edugram is a brand new platform that gives you a great opportunity to earn money on educational traffic! 
Our offers are aimd at international traffic and different currency of payment so we totally expand opportunities for earnings. Learn more:
[Image: Edugramfor_9286905_27768047.jpg]
Join and work with Edugram!
Have questions? Don't hesitate to ask [email protected]
For a long time we had no news, but here we are!
And we have for you cool updates!
New dashboard + updated statistics.
But these are all trifles, as we rolled out 2 new offers for the RU and CIS markets.

[Image: profiruPNG_8816404_28549652.png]

[Image: lingualeoP_2992375_28549656.png]

Join and work with Edugram!
We have great news!
Today we are presented as a partner on !!!

[Image: SgeenkF1QG_9027400_29310784.png]

Come to see us at Leela Ambience Delhi Convention Hotel!

Join and work with Edugram!
Hi everyone!

On the 27th of January, we participate as a sponsor in a "TrafficCardinal Meetup" in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. More than 300 people attended the meetup. 

[Image: cf91fbf27e_5297518_29310237.jpg]

Our Senior Affiliate Manager Sergei Gamolia had a lecture on the topic: "Perspectives of education niche for webmasters". Also, he presents 3 profitable cases on that topic, which any webmaster

can easily repeat.

After the meetup, we conducted an Afterparty for everyone!

[Image: 14dc58141c_9826173_29310261.jpg]
Join and work with Edugram![/url][url=]
Hi, everyone!
We worked hard and now we are finally ready to launch 10 new educational offers!
[Image: EXAMERpng_1653236_29513685.png]

Examer - is an online simulator for the preparation of students for EGE and OGE.
Payment to the webmaster is 20% of the amount spent by a client.

[Image: 0a538b151a5ec28b00170ba4e43feca9.jpg]

Skyeng - is an online-school of English language.
Payment to the webmaster:
2100 roubles for the purchase of the lesson by a new client,
70 roubles for the request for a test lesson and 2076 roubles for attracting a teacher.

[Image: FIVERRpng_3100577_29513698.png]

Fiverr - is the biggest freelance-marketplace.
Payment to the webmaster:
15$ for attracting a new customer, who will make at least one purchase.

[Image: 892bd0d683_2165525_29513730.png]

Foxford - is an online school for students of 3-11 grades.
Payment to the webmaster:
15,6% for payment for any online course and lesson with tutor,
7% for a payment for any other product.

[Image: NETOLOGIAp_6934302_29513740.png]

Netologia - large online education school.
Payment to the webmaster: 5% for the offline course, 15% for the online course

[Image: SHAWACADEM_5098247_29513748.jpg]

Shawacademy - is a largest online education academy in the world.
Payment to the webmaster: 1.3$ for registration.

[Image: SIMPLILEAR_9392226_29513752.jpg]

Simplilearn - is one of the world’s leading certification training providers.
Payment to the webmaster: 10% of the sale.

[Image: GEEKBRAINS_5938449_29513762.jpg]

Geekbrains - is a large educational IT platform.
Payment to the webmaster: 10% of the sale.

[Image: 4BRAINjpg_3294088_29513770.jpg]

4brain - online-education.
Payment to the webmaster: 16.29% of the sale.

[Image: SKILLSHARE_7265225_29513802.jpg]

Skillshare - is an online learning community
with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more.
Payment to the webmaster: 7$ for a paid order.
Hi, everyone!
We are happy to announce that we added to Edugram 13 new educational offers!

[Image: e0c223d279dc5f3f83d5a92ce11d744a.jpg]

Englex – is an online-school of English language.

[Image: 7ebd2a28a620659b842e2d84addf6c1d.jpg]

EnglishDom is an online English language school of the new generation. For more than 7 years it provides English language training via Skype.

[Image: a265e1fa984d49a8bbce8a20ca5a364e.jpg]

ESCC(European School for Correspondence Courses) - is one of the largest providers of distance learning courses in the world, with more than 1 000 000 students worldwide.

[Image: 7f10f90bd1a7846e1ce1159ec8db7e19.jpg]

InternetUrok school - is an online-school from 1 to 11 grade.

[Image: 13780c8d5508a3e9b762c368683cd8f8.jpg]

i-Say is powered by Ipsos, a leading global market research company that provides a fresh perspective on issues and trends of today.

[Image: d5192dbe5c76c83c8588aebf17593f76.png]

Kwork - is a freelance store. All freelance services on the website cost 500 roubles.

[Image: 89227ab7dbac6fef0a04b1a265127a0c.png]

Driving school «SPEKTR» is one of the three leaders of the Moscow driving school market. 10 years on the market. More than 60 subsidiary driving schools in Moscow.

[Image: 994c910c7ba80392dd1e929a89bd5aa9.jpg]

Translation Bureau Prof Lingua was founded in 2009. Prof Lingua main activities: services for business and individuals; state contracts and exclusive translation support.

[Image: fc066f6903f6b300eda4ae4f7cf05cca.jpg]

The biggest community of tutors in Russian Federation. It was founded in 2005.

[Image: b5c6b6b76ce4f4b92600415f1a2f4129.gif]

On the portal, you can find more than 2500 different courses and webinars for employees of all types of educational pre-university institutions.

Also, we added such offers as: - is a platform for everyone who wants to learn or can teach something.

Wikium is an online service for the training of brain performance and development of cognitive functions: attention, memory and mind flexibility with the help of trainers and specialized courses. 

Puzzle English is an educational online-service of learning the English language with a huge number of learning materials.
Hey, guys! I have a great deal from Studybay Brazil! We have an essay offer for a new perspective and low competitive GEO - Brazil!

Doorways go well!

Special for WebMasterLanka members we offer:
1) New private keys, collected a few weeks ago. Super low-frequency and low competitive requests!
2) Increased payouts for Brazil offer, 40% for all orders!
3) No hold! As soon as we get payment from customer, you can immediately withdraw money. Withdrawals every working day!

And the main thing: the average bill for Brazil offer is 60$! And competition is lower! If you work with doorways - try this GEO!

To get bonus - just register in Edugram and chat with your personal manager!

[Image: 2018101716_2085053_30862995.png]
Today we have 2 news!

1. Cases search
We will buy your cases about working with "Edugram"!

Conditions: cases of 2018 with profit $500+
We want to see: idea and its realization, test and mistakes.

Send your proposals on [email protected]!

2. Interface update
Add new page to account and collect there promocodes of our partners - useful services for webmasters!
Take it!
We added new offers!

Meet new offers - info products! And we will add much more soon!
The main topics - making money on real estate and investments!
Find new offers in your account!

Also in April, we will be at MAC conference in Moscow! If you plan to come, write us on [email protected] or via Skype alevtina.studybay! We will meet each other in real life and share all the insights!
We worked hard and prepared some cool changes  Cool

What work have we done:
1. We updated "Tickets" block - frechened up design and icreased page speed. Besides, now you can write advertisers directly from Edugram account!
2. We added domain parking from personal account! From this day you can park your domain by pressing one button Smile

We are really happy to announce these updates and hope that product becomes more convenient for you!

We wish you high ROI in new season!  Wink

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