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When did you first start building websites?
When did you first start building websites? I'm building websites since 8 years . What about you ?
Ohh since 8 years? dok. im since 15 years
Since 2011 i started.
I just finished building my wholesale clothing site, here is link ( Only Registered users can view links ), give me advice.
I did a simple website when i was in college, when a family friend asked for my help. that was a looooong time ago Smile
About 20 years ago.
(06-11-2017, 10:48 AM)taniag Wrote: Only Registered users can view linksAbout 20 years ago.

Same here.  Does it make us old? LOL
First time I created my website at 2002, that time I copied many things from ubbisoft, it was software download website and I uploaded it to free geocities, it was good experience.
I did a family website like 10 years ago. I want to try making another one again for my new business.
I'm starting a new website. It's for first-time parents. Do you think I should stick with the traditional or use some platforms like Clickfunnels or 10minutefunnels?

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